What is Word Press Website Maintenance

Take care of your website like you’d take care of your car

old-car-bw-smFor many of us, our cars are our prized possession. Whether because it’s a classic that you have lovingly taken care of over the years, or just a good old basic car that faithfully gets you to and from your job every day. No matter the reason, our cars are an integral part of our lives.

Let’s use the car analogy and talk about your new Word Press website. Did I lose you yet??


A new Word Press website can be very exciting. Site owners have the ability to make their own edits, add new pages, create complex photo galleries, upload images and much more – pretty much everything they used to rely on a Webmaster for but can now do themselves.

But with this new found autonomy comes responsibility.

Your Word Press website is built on an open-source platform. Think of your website as your car and the platform being the engine. We need to keep the engine in top shape to keep your car (your site!) running.

And just like your car, your website needs ongoing maintenance. If you ignore the “check engine” light, you know the repercussions of that. Likewise, if you ignore a Word Press upgrade, especially one that addresses security fixes, you’re asking for trouble.

Trouble in this instance can mean your site is vulnerable to hackers who find nothing more joyful than to inject your site with malicious code that can either take your site down completely, or just run in the background doing it’s evil doings. And suddenly you see Google has flagged your site for all the world to see with “This site is compromised” when your site is searched for. Not good.

Besides your engine requiring maintenance, you also need to keep an eye on your tires. If they are balding, out of balance or low on air, this can affect your car’s performance. Likewise, your site also has several plugins or widgets which add further enhancements to your site. These same plugins also require periodic updates, either because of feature upgrades or to address security issues.

What happens if your car has to go in the shop? Do you have a back-up plan? Rental car? The bus? Hopefully, if you keep your car in tip top condition, you won’t have to fall back on any Plan B’s. If your website went down for any reason, what would you do?

Our last car analogy is insurance. If your prized possession happened to be involved in a fender bender, at least you can take comfort in knowing your insurance will cover the cost to repair or replace. What are we really buying though when we pay for insurance? Peace of mind.

Website maintenance is another form of peace of mind. We do all the heavy lifting for a nominal charge each month, so you can focus on the bigger picture. Your business.

We’ll go into the specifics of what our Maintenance Program entails in our next post.  Sans any more car analogies… phew.

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