What is my POP and SMTP server name?

If you are trying to set up email for a POP (or IMAP) email account for your hosted domain, you’ll need to know the POP and SMTP address. These vary depending on who you host with. If you host with HE.net, the POP is your web address (www.yourcompanyname.com). For the SMTP, if you wish to use your ISP’s mail server (and many will insist you do), you’ll need to get this from them. If you host with HE.net, just set this to your web address again and in the Advanced Settings, change your SMTP port to 587. This will allow you to SEND and RECEIVE email using your web server. The beauty of this is that by using this setting, no matter where you are (as long as you have an Internet connection), you can send mail and not have to change this setting depending upon the provider in the local area. Especially great for those on the go!


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