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4 - Website Maintenance and Support

Do you have any training movies?

 If you are a Webeze client, you have direct access to the WP101 training videos through located in the Dashboard of your Word Press website.  You can also add your own training videos that you find on You Tube to create a personalized training library of your very own.  If you do NOT have WP101 training videos installed, please let us know. 


Can’t I just call you if I need support?

Unless it’s an emergency, all support inquiries are required to go through our contact form. This will enable us to answer all questions completely, allow you to track the progress of your inquiry and provide a fair response time to all clients in the order (priority) received. Thank you for your cooperation.

What’s the difference between support and training?

Typically, website support refers to our assisting you with your website on items of general nature and that pertain to the existing pages of your website. We do not generally charge for this kind of support. A gentle reminder, if you are having issues with your email or web host, it’s best to contact them directly.

If you need us to do some additional design work, add a new page to your site, create an email blast or anything that is outside of the original scope of work, we do charge for this time. This can be negotiated by project or you can purchase blocks of support time by visiting our Make a Payment page.

Training, on the other hand, often involves spending considerable time with you either in person or on the phone. Unless this has been included in your original proposal (which is typically limited to 2 hours), we do bill for this time.

You can purchase blocks of support/training time by visiting our Make a Payment page.

I found a mistake on my site. Are you going to bill me to fix this?

We’re sorry you found a mistake but I guess that makes us human! If you find an error on your site (typographical, form stops working, etc.), just let us know and we will fix this for you at no charge.

What is site maintenance?

Once your website is complete, we offer 30 days of changes/updates to any of the existing pages of your site free of charge.

Thereafter, unless you have purchased a Maintenance Agreement (typically reserved for larger clients and at the discretion of Webeze), any changes you would like are either 1] quoted as a project or 2] billed at our minimum time increment (15 minutes) at the hourly rate of $90. You can purchase support blocks of time online and if you choose the 4 hour block, you receive an extra 1/2 hour of support for free. You can learn more about this by visiting our Make a Payment page.


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