You’ve Got Questions!

2 - Web Hosting

What happens if my server crashes?

Well, let’s hope that never happens. But because you just never know, make sure you have a back up of your site. There are various back up utilities available for this purpose. Backing up to the same server your site resides on doesn’t make sense since if it crashes, it’s possible ALL your data will be gone and not recoverable.  Be sure to have an off-site back up.

Check with your web host to see what kind of prevenative measures they take in case such an emergency arises.

Do you offer hosting?

We do offer hosting to our clients only.  There are lots of hosting choices out there so do your homework and don’t let the price be your guiding decision.

What is a web host?

A Web host provides you space on their servers where your web site will reside (using your new domain name). Some ISPs also provide Web hosting (but don’t settle for a subdomain account, ie. earthlink.net/~yourname).

Web hosts vary so do due dilligence when selecting one to host your website. Cost should never be the only factor when choosing a website host. Ask your friends and associates for recommendations.


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