You’ve Got Questions!

3 - Email Matters

Can you help me set-up my email?

If you are a Webeze client, we will do our best to help you set up your email. Before you contact us, please review the tutorials written on this topic. Otherwise, please contact your website host directly for support on this matter.

What is my POP and SMTP server name?

If you are trying to set up email for a POP (or IMAP) email account for your hosted domain, you’ll need to know the POP and SMTP address. These vary depending on who you host with. If you host with HE.net, the POP is your web address (www.yourcompanyname.com). For the SMTP, if you wish to use your ISP’s mail server (and many will insist you do), you’ll need to get this from them. If you host with HE.net, just set this to your web address again and in the Advanced Settings, change your SMTP port to 587. This will allow you to SEND and RECEIVE email using your web server. The beauty of this is that by using this setting, no matter where you are (as long as you have an Internet connection), you can send mail and not have to change this setting depending upon the provider in the local area. Especially great for those on the go!


My emails are getting bounced!

If your email was working fine before and then suddenly it stopped, there’s usually a good reason for it. First, if you are seeing error messages, be sure to note these down. Next, it might be worthwhile to delete the account and then set-it up again from scratch. There are a few nuances with every Webhost as far as email settings, so be sure you know what they are. For example, if you host with HE.net, your user ID is your FULL email account (not just your first name).

If problems persist, you’ll want to contact your Web host (NOT Webeze). Note that if you wish to contact HE.net, their telephone number is 510-580-4100.


How do I access my Webmail?

If you host with HE.net, you access it by going to your website URL and then add a forward slash and the word webmail (ie. www.yourcompanyname.com/webmail). Your user name is your FULL email address and your password is the one used to access your email (not your account). Note that Webmail is an IMAP type application, meaning unless you move or delete an email off the system via the Webmail interface, when you check your email through your regular (POP) account (ie. Outlook), all the mail will be delivered, even the ones you’ve already read. Most people find this to be a plus.

I forgot my email password. Can you give it to me?

If you are a Webeze client and we initially helped you set up your email account, please submit a support ticket and we will do our best to assist you. The best way, however, is for you to login to your hosting account and RESET your password. When doing this, please do not make the mistake of resetting your SFTP account and MySQL passwords by accident. If you change the MySQL password, there’s a good chance much of your site will not work (and we won’t know about it unless you contact us).

It’s a good idea to keep your passwords in a safe yet accessible place.


I need a new email account set up. Can you help?

We don’t actually handle the hosting for sites, though we do help clients set up their accounts if requested. New email accounts can be easily created by logging into your hosting admin panel and then you simply need to set-up this new account in your preferred email client.

If you are a Webeze client and need further assistance regarding this, please submit a support ticket and we will do our best to assist you.


Can you help me set-up my Outlook stationery?

If you are a Webeze client and we designed custom Outlook email stationery for you, you will find instructions on our site on how to install. Of course, if you get stuck, just submit a support ticket and we will do our best to help you.

Please note, the instructions that are provided are specific to Office 2003 using Windows XP. If you have Office 2007 but are still running XP, you should be able to follow along, though the interface has changed slightly. If you are running Vista, custom stationery may or may not work. You may need to change your permission settings prior to copying your stationery files and even then, it may not work. We do NOT provide support for HTML Stationery using Vista.


My email is not working!

Before you panic, be sure you have an Internet connection. Once you confirm that and you still can not send (or receive) your email, using an alternate email account (AOL or GMail), submit a support ticket to Webeze and we will see if we can assist you. Be sure to include as much information as possible in your support ticket.


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