You’ve Got Questions!

1- Design/Development

Why won’t you take on my project?

We are not only particular about what types of sites we will design (for the record, we don’t do adult sites), we’re even a little picky about who we will work with. We’re not about passing judgment — there’s a HUGE market for adult sites…it’s just not the type of site we wish to build.

Likewise, if we feel we’re not be a good match for one another, we may decide not to take you on as a client. Just like you have the option not to hire us, should you feel we were not a good fit for your project.


I want to work with you. What next?

That’s great and we’d love to work with you! Just complete our on-line free quote and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours (M-F PST). You’ll definitely also want to download our free Website Planning Guide. Looking forward to hearing from you and please contact us if you have any immediate questions/concerns.

I’m not sure exactly what my new site needs. What do I do?

We’re happy to help you through this process. Start with looking at your competitor’s sites. Then, look at sites that appeal to you, whether or not they are in direct competition with you. Note your likes and dislikes. Next, get your hands on our FREE Website Planning Guide and complete this with your team. Then, either complete the online version of it (our preference) or send it to us by fax (480-452-0965). Just be sure your handwriting is legible is you do decide to fax this…pretty please!

Can I see my site while it is under development?

Of course! In fact, we require it because your input and approval throughout the developmental stages of your site ensures a successful launch.

Who owns the rights to the website once it’s finished?

It’s yours. 100%. Plain and simple (as long as you’ve paid your invoice)! The only thing you do not own would be any propriety code used to develop your site, such as that used in a CMS.

Does a designer need to be local?

Not typically. With the technology of email, phone and the Internet, websites can be successfully created and launched, even when the designer and client are thousands of miles apart.  We have built sites for clients we have never met and this has never presented a barrier as yet.

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