Flash Installer Virus

A friend of mine called for help the other day because after she updated her Flash application, her computer was taken over.  I’d heard of this virus earlier but did not know how to fix at the time.  But, searching the Internet brought up this video, so I thought I’d share with you:

In his video he also mentions the HitManPro software.  I’ve included a link to it as well, should you wish to purchase (a 30 day free evaluation if offered).

A small bit of advice for you.  Whenever updating software, go the source site (i.e. Adobe) and get it from there.  Never update software from a rogue site.  I’ve noticed, too, that sometimes the installation screen from these rogue sites will not go away so you have to force the page to close through a hard exit (Cntrl Alt Del – End Process ie. Internet Explorer).

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