Understanding PDF Resolutions

Get_Adobe_Acrobat_Reader_DC_web_button_158x39_fwWhen preparing comps (design mock-ups) for our clients, we painstakingly ensure it is as close the to the “real thing” as possible, save that it is not a live site and thus is not interactive.  When that final moment comes that we attach our work to an email and hit the SEND button, we are excited to hear our client’s feedback (though we do have an unspoken 24 hour rule before they do so).

What we can not control, however, is the client’s PDF preferences such as resolution [Edit > Preferences > Resolution].  By default, it is set to 96 ppi but we design our sites for 72 ppi (yes, we know that’s old school but it works for us).  We don’t need to work at high resolutions since this work is for web display and not print.

The challenge occurs when clients view our work at a different resolution than what we designed in; that’s when comments like “the buttons are too small” or “the header is too tall” come in to play.  It’s easy to explain why the differences, but it would be nice if by default the ppi we designed in is what showed up for the client.

Maybe we’ll just start designing in 96 ppi since that’s the default.

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