Handy WordPress Shortcuts

In our never-ending quest to do things better, faster and smarter, today we present you with a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use when adding/editing a WordPress post or page.  Many of these shortcuts are universal to all programs while some are specific to WordPress.  Note, these work with both PC and MACs (Windows and Linux use Ctrl + letter; Macintosh uses Command + letter).

Ctrl + key

Letter Action
c Copy
v Paste
a Select all
x Cut
z Undo
y Redo
b Bold
i Italic
u Underline
1 Heading 1
2 Heading 2
3 Heading…

Cache Me You Fool

caching-tutorialWhy You Should Clear Your Cache Occasionally

First, a bit of trivia.  Did you ever wonder where the phrase “Kiss me you fool” came from?  You didn’t?  Well, anyway, it’s from a 1915 silent movie entitled “A Fool There Was.”  She actually said “Kiss me, my fool” but I guess it got lost in translation over the years.

Let’s talk about Caching, Shall We?

In the most simplest of terms, when you are visiting (browsing) various sites on the Internet, your computer stores bits and pieces of information from these sites so that when you visit…

Optimizing Images Using Pixlr

Keep Your Images Small and Your Web Visitors (and Web Host) Happy

web-space-hogWordPress is very generous in that by default it allows a maximum upload size of 50MB.  Unfortunately, this also means to the novice WordPress user, uploading a 5-25MB picture to a post or page is OK.  Unless you have a photography type site that needs to have these high resolution images available (think Flickr), these images can slow down your site and take up unnecessary server bandwidth.  Don’t be a “server space hog” and optimize your images BEFORE you upload through the Media tool. Here…

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