WordPress Training Video

wp-training-vid-webeze20 Minute Quick Start Video

We’re pleased to announce a new WordPress training video we released this morning.  For those that want to jump in to the basics of editing their WordPress website, this is a great way to kick things off.  In just 20 short minutes you will learn:

  • How to login to your site (if you have a custom login URL you’ll use that instead)
  • How to access the pages of your site
  • Adding and removing content from a page
  • Adding and removing a hyperlink from a page
  • Creating a new blog post including uploading an…

Creating an Admin User in Windows 8

windows8-scI recently upgraded to a Windows 8 PC.  I read and heard that people really did not care for the new interface but I have to say I really like it.  Super intuitive, at least for me!

But one thing that was NOT intuitive was how to create an Administrator login.  Out of the box, you are prompted to set up an account, but not prompted to make this new user an Administrator.  If you want to access the Programs File directory, install custom Outlook stationery, etc., you have to be logged in as an Administrator.…

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To Attach or Not Attach, That is the Question

By default, when you upload or insert an image into a page/post in your WordPress Dashboard, the image is linked to the full-size image you uploaded and then you have the option of what size image you wish displayed in the post.  See example below.


The problem with this is if the image is clicked, it opens the larger image in a new window and there is not an intuitive way to exit the screen (you have to hit your back button to return to the page/post).

If you have…

Installing Outlook Stationery on Your PC

Quick Tips for Installing Your Outlook Stationery

We’ve created these easy steps for you to follow so that you can start using your custom Outlook HTML stationery right away on your Personal Computer (PC). The following instructions pertain to a PC only. If you have a MAC, be sure you know (or know someone) how to install before placing your order. Stationery orders/payments are non-refundable.

Before you begin, be sure you have handy the files we sent you which consisted of an HTML file (note for Vista/Windows 7 it MUST be have an .html extension) and some image files (usually…

Inserting an Outlook for MAC Signature

signature-outlook-macI don’t currently own a MAC, but I do love my iPhone and iPad. However, several of my past PC clients have now migrated to MACs and want to know how they can integrate their old Outlook HTML stationery onto their MAC. The answer is, you can’t. At least not in the way you used to on your PC.

But, with the help of my clients and some trial and error, we’ve found a few ways to achieve this.

First, let’s talk about adding a simple graphical signature and logo to your MAC signature file. These two images should first…

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