Why does my site look weird in IE8?

ie8_logoWhy some sites render by default in Compatibility View (Internet Explorer) is a mystery to me.  Well, not really.  There’s code that can be added to achieve this, but I’m not clear why someone would do this intentionally.  I understand some Intranet sites do this, but again, not sure why. 

Well, the point of this blog is to let you know how to turn this OFF should your own site look “funky” and you’re not sure why.  This pertains to IE 8 but I think it is the same up to IE 10:

From answers.microsoft.com:

If you are on a site that is showing in Compatibility View, go to Tools and uncheck it. If you don’t want any sites to show in CV, go to Tools, Compatibility View Settings, remove any sites listed, and uncheck all three boxes at the bottom.


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