Personal Computer (PC) Shortcuts

Universal Shortcuts for Your Personal Computer

Personal Computer Short CutsBeing that I’m on the computer so much, anything I can do to save a few key strokes is always of interest.  For years the standard shortcuts have existed, yet I’m still surprised to this day that they are not commonly known.  Many people still use the “right click” to bring up the short cut menu (again, we’re talking about PC’s here), but that’s just another step.

So today I’ll share with you the most common and useful shortcuts you can use to save time and carpel tunnel:

Control (Ctrl) + C = Copy highlighted text/items (remember, what ever you copy remains in your computers “clipboard” until you copy something else)
Ctrl + V = Paste highlighted text/items from the clipboard
Ctrl + A = Select everything on the page (within the body of the page, typically)
Ctrl + X = Delete highlighted text/items
Ctrl + Z = Undo that voodoo that you just did
Ctrl + Y = Redo that voodoo that you just undid
Ctrl + P = Brings up the Print Command

Using the above shortcuts, now you can take CTRL of your keyboard!  Do you have any time saving computer tips?  Share them with us by responding to this post. 


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