Why does my site look weird in IE8?

ie8_logoWhy some sites render by default in Compatibility View (Internet Explorer) is a mystery to me.  Well, not really.  There’s code that can be added to achieve this, but I’m not clear why someone would do this intentionally.  I understand some Intranet sites do this, but again, not sure why. 

Well, the point of this blog is to let you know how to turn this OFF should your own site look “funky” and you’re not sure why.  This pertains to IE 8 but I think it is the same up to IE 10:

From answers.microsoft.com:…

Copyright infringement part 2

Our last post entitled How do you handle copyright infringement inspired me to seek additional information that will help you should you discover someone has borrowed content (aka content duplication) from your website without permission.  Here are a few more tips provided from marketingdock.com with a link at the end to the complete steps as well as a helpful document you can download:

Step 1: Finding and Noting Down Contact Details of the Infringing Website

a) Check and note contact details listed on the infringing website

b) Check and note contact details of the site as listed…

Basic Email Etiquette – Use the BCC Field

Yesterday I and about 100+ other people received an email from an unknown sender (she’d scraped our names from a database); our email addresses were clearly visible in the CC field.  It’s pretty SOP that when sending a large email, to protect your database and your contact’s privacy, you use the BCC field and send the email to yourself. 

In turn, several of the responders did a reply ALL and said remove me from this list.  One person even went to the extent to write “please do not use the reply ALL” feature when responding to…

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