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To Attach or Not Attach, That is the Question

By default, when you upload or insert an image into a page/post in your WordPress Dashboard, the image is linked to the full-size image you uploaded and then you have the option of what size image you wish displayed in the post.  See example below.


The problem with this is if the image is clicked, it opens the larger image in a new window and there is not an intuitive way to exit the screen (you have to hit your back button to return to the page/post).

If you have an image that need to be “clickable” to show a larger image of the same, use a  Gallery plugin instead (WordPress has a default Gallery that works just fine) so that when clicked, you can easily exit the the modal window by clicking the image or anywhere on the page.

So, when adding an image to a page/post, be sure to select None in the Link To field in the Attachment Display Settings.  See image below:


If you’ve already added an image with the link to the image in the Media Gallery, you can select the image within your page/post, then select the Link (chain) icon and remove the link there.  Hit Update and then update your page/post as well.

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