Handy WordPress Shortcuts

In our never-ending quest to do things better, faster and smarter, today we present you with a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use when adding/editing a WordPress post or page.  Many of these shortcuts are universal to all programs while some are specific to WordPress.  Note, these work with both PC and MACs (Windows and Linux use Ctrl + letter; Macintosh uses Command + letter).

Ctrl + key

Letter Action
c Copy
v Paste
a Select all
x Cut
z Undo
y Redo
b Bold
i Italic
u Underline
1 Heading 1
2 Heading 2
3 Heading 3
4 Heading 4
5 Heading 5
6 Heading 6
9 Address
k Insert/edit link

Alt + Shift + key

The following shortcuts use different access keys: Alt + Shift + letter.

Letter Action
n Check Spelling
l Align Left
j Justify Text
c Align Center
d Strikethrough
r Align Right
u • List
a Insert link
o 1. List
s Remove link
q Quote
m Insert Image
w Distraction Free Writing mode
t Insert More Tag
p Insert Page Break tag
h Help
x Add/remove code tag

The above information is from the WordPress Codex library.

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