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Having a Secondary (Backup) Email Address Can Save Your Bacon

save  your bacon with a backup email accountEven the best hosting provider can experience an outage from time to time, whether it’s due to hardware failure, external forces (like a denial of service (DOS) attack) or human error.  This means for a short time your website is inaccessible.  It also likely means, if you host your email on the same server, you can not send or receive email.  If email is critical to your business, be sure you have a back up email account (we recommend Gmail).  Many email clients allow you to choose which email account to send from, so you are not completely cut-off from your contact list during this outage.

Sometimes, we change (delete) our domain based emails for whatever reason (too much spam, change in name, etc.).  If you don’t put forwarding on that old email account, any email sent to that address will go to the netherworld, which may be acceptable to you.  But, keep in mind if you have used this email address on any important sites before you hit the DEL button. 

Last, I like to recommend that the email address you have on file with your registrar of your domain is NOT domain based; use your Gmail account.  For the reason above, should you delete the account or no longer check it, important emails like domain renewals could be missed…and your domain could expire.  Which means your website will once again be down and you will not be able to receive domain based emails; only this time, it’s not because of your hosting provider.

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