When Does Your Domain Name Expire?

If You Don’t Know the Answer, It’s Time to Check

domain-expired-webezeIn our 15+ years of being in the web development business, I’m sorry to report that I’ve seen more than a few incidents where a client has inadvertently let their domain name expire.  When your domain name expires, your web site is no longer live.  Ugh.  Your email also will no longer work.  Double ugh.  And if you don’t renew within the “grace period,” some unscrupulous person or company can buy your highly valued domain name for a few bucks.  You get the point.

Keeping your domain name safe and secure is really quite simple.  First, when you renew, you can do this for up to 9 years, depending on the registrar.  That means you don’t have to bother with this again for a very, very, long time.

Next, be SURE the domain contact email address on file is one that is active and that you check.  We recommend an email account with gmail.  That way, when your domain is up for renewal, you’ll get a courtesy reminder (hopefully!) from the registrar.  Don’t read that email and say “I’ll come back to this shortly…”  Log in to your account, get out your credit card, and renew that puppy now.

Last, don’t forget about any domains you might have purchased that redirect to your primary domain.  These might include the .NET, .INFO or .ORG variants of your primary domain name.  You also don’t want these to expire as, again, someone else could snatch these up and try to divert traffic away from your site or do other mischievous deeds that would not be in your favor.

Now is the time to TAKE ACTION.  We have a handy tool on our site where you can check when your domain expires (unless you have purchased a privacy service, in which case you need to contact your registrar if you do not know already this important information).  Click the button below and if your domain is expiring soon, take heed:

Check Your Domain Name
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