Creating an Admin User in Windows 8

windows8-scI recently upgraded to a Windows 8 PC.  I read and heard that people really did not care for the new interface but I have to say I really like it.  Super intuitive, at least for me!

But one thing that was NOT intuitive was how to create an Administrator login.  Out of the box, you are prompted to set up an account, but not prompted to make this new user an Administrator.  If you want to access the Programs File directory, install custom Outlook stationery, etc., you have to be logged in as an Administrator.  But how?

After scouring the Internet, I found this helpful WikiHow article.  Three different options are presented, but the last one (Alternative) is what worked for me, running the Command Prompt to enable the Admin account.

Now you just need to switch between accounts as and when needed.  This is especially critical if you are trying to install custom Outlook stationery.  You will NOT be able to save the file to the typical path unless logged in as Administrator.

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