Copyright infringement part 2

Our last post entitled How do you handle copyright infringement inspired me to seek additional information that will help you should you discover someone has borrowed content (aka content duplication) from your website without permission.  Here are a few more tips provided from marketingdock.com with a link at the end to the complete steps as well as a helpful document you can download:

Step 1: Finding and Noting Down Contact Details of the Infringing Website

a) Check and note contact details listed on the infringing website

b) Check and note contact details of the site as listed on Whois server. The following details are to be noted:

Registrant Name:

  • Address 1:
  • Address 2:
  • Country:
  • Phone Numbers:
  • Time Zone:
  • Registrant Email Address:
  • Domain Booked on:
  • Domain Expires on:
  • Name Server 1:
  • Name Server 2:
  • IP Address:

c) Find out if the website is using any kind of redirects and note down the URLs if any redirection is found.  If yes, find the WhoIs information of the redirected domain and note similar details as above.

Important Things to Note:

  •  The contact details on the site and the contact details on the whois information should match. If not, do some further research using the details to find out the actual company
  • Present both addresses on the DMCA report as ‘Contact Address Listing on Website’ and ‘Contact Address on Whois ‘
  • In case of private Whois address, contact the organization offering the privacy service (generally the registrant) with a DMCA letter
  • Try to get more information about the people or company operating the website by checking the backlinks, copyright information, privacy policies or anything that can give you a cue forward

Step 2: Finding the Company that Hosts the Infringer’s Website

Check the who-is information of the IP Address (as found in step 1) and note down the following

  • Organization Name
  • Name Server 1 and 2
  • Address with Email and Phone Nos.
  • Website URL

Important Things to Note:

  • Try to find out information about the Parent Hosting Company and not the Reseller Hosting Company. Most websites are hosted on reseller accounts. The Parent Hosting Company is generally found by finding out whois information of the IP address listed in Whois of the infringing website. The reseller account on the other hand can be found by checking the whois of the infringing website’s name servers
  • Make sure that in all cases you send a DMCA to the parent hosting company can if possible to the reseller hosting provider as well
  • In most cases the reseller account is owned by the offender himself. So sending a mail to the reseller hosting provider is of little or no use.
  • If the URL of the hosting company is not listed in the whois data, you can make a search for the organization name in google to find out the name
  • If the hosting provider has a live chat facility, use the facility to get to know the best way to reach the abuse department
  • After sending an email to the abuse department, make sure to take a note of the ‘support ticket’ number
  • If possible, try and call up the abuse department directly along with sending them an email

Step 3: Finding the ISP Service Provider of the Infringer and his Place of Operation

  • Send an email to the infringer asking for some sale related or website related question
  • Check the email headers of the reply mail to locate the IP address of the sender
  • Do a Whois check of the IP to find the ISP information
  • Note down contact details of the ISP. This is also the place of operation of the Infringer

Important Things to Note:

  • The only way to find out ISP information is to find the IP address of the person operating the infringing website. The IP address can be located by tricking the offender into sending an email to you
  • Make sure that you use a free email account (yahoo, gmail etc.) to contact the offender
  • Trick the offender into sending you an email by requesting information about his products/services or by asking some query regarding his website
  • Keep contacting the offender using different email addresses with different queries unless he responds
  • Space your emails properly and vary the topic and writing styles so that he does not suspect
  • Do not waste much time, if you are not able to get the ISP information. The web hosting provider is the most important person to contact in these cases

The above is just a portion of the steps needed to protect yourself from copyright infringement.

Attribution:  Thank you marketingdock.com (the actual author’s name is unknown to me) for writing and making available this very helpful list of actions needed to file a DMCA complaint.

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