Cache Me You Fool

caching-tutorialWhy You Should Clear Your Cache Occasionally

First, a bit of trivia.  Did you ever wonder where the phrase “Kiss me you fool” came from?  You didn’t?  Well, anyway, it’s from a 1915 silent movie entitled “A Fool There Was.”  She actually said “Kiss me, my fool” but I guess it got lost in translation over the years.

Let’s talk about Caching, Shall We?

In the most simplest of terms, when you are visiting (browsing) various sites on the Internet, your computer stores bits and pieces of information from these sites so that when you visit them again, they don’t have to be downloaded again and thus you should be able to zip quickly through the site due to the cache.

However, over time, this cache can become quite large and also it may store old information so that when you visit a site, you are not getting the most up-to-date content.  This can be especially problematic on sites that have registration pages or sites that use scripts to upload data and/or compile documents.  So, if you ever start noticing any oddities when visiting a website, the first thing to do is clear your cache.  There are several browsers out there and different versions of them as well, so we’ll cover the more current versions here for Internet Explore and Fire Fox.  If you use another browser, just search the words “clear cache browser name + version.”

Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet Options >Browsing History > Delete

Here you will open a dialogue box where you can select what should be deleted.  Choose:

  1. Temporary Internet files and website files
  2. Cookies and website data
  3. Delete (allow a few minutes for the browser to perform the task)

Fire Fox

Tools > History > Clear Recent History

A dialogue box will open where you will select which items you wish to clear.  Choose:

  1. Cookies
  2. Cache
  3. Clear Now (allow a few minutes for the browser to perform the task)

That’s it.  You should now see the most current content on the sites you visit and if things start acting wonky again, remember the phrase “cache me you fool!”  You’re not really a fool, but it will stick in your mind now, won’t it?

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