Very easy to work with and very responsive

Our previous site had been up for 4+ years and had served its purpose. However, the look and feel had become dated, the navigation had become muddled, and the underlying CMS was not flexible enough to adapt the site to the extent we required.  Our objectives for the new site were as follows:

  1. Give the site a clean, fresh design
  2. Incorporate new features/functions (e.g., site search)
  3. Improve upon the navigation
  4. Build it on a platform (Expressions Engine) that would be easy for our “updaters” to learn and use, to give us maximum flexibility in evolving the site to future needs, and minimize ongoing costs to manage the site.

In our assessment these objectives have all been met.

Working with Webeze, in a word, has been excellent. Kelley is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in the web arena. We felt at every step that we were presented with good options and, ultimately, the right recommendations to develop a site that met our specific needs and requirements. Equally important, Kelley took the time to help us understand the ramifications of the choices we were making to make sure there were no (unhappy) “surprises” along the way. On top of all that, we felt that Webeze provided outstanding value. In fact, Kelley was extremely sensitive to our budget situation and kept that cost consciousness in mind throughout the project. As a result, we feel our new site compares very favorably with other municipal sites that in many cases cost two to five times as much to develop.

Kelley was very easy to work with and very responsive throughout. We were and are extremely satisfied with the process she guided us through and the end-result that is our new website.

Will Towne
City of Newark

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