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apm-port1Your Personal Pain Management Physicians

At Advanced Pain Modalities, they have designed a personalized environment for patients in chronic pain.  In their main office or in several other convenient locations, the patient can be evaluated and be treated in a one on one situation with their physician only. Dr. Herbert and Dr. Pellegrino believe medical care today lacks this original concept that was at the core of Medicine since the very beginning of the doctor-patient relationship.

Webeze was retained to redesign the doctor’s existing site and also structure the content in a more user-friendly way.  The result of our efforts was a clean, updated look that included a slide show on the home page as well as detailed information about the services and treatments available from Advanced Pain Modalities.

And congratulations for being named one of the Best Doctors in the Phoenix “best of” magazine!

Our previous site was 10 years old and looked it! We needed an updated, fresh look and Webeze achieved that goal and was great to work with. It was an enjoyable, fun and professional experience.

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