New Webmail Client Launched

roundcube-scEffective February 12, we have replaced the old “Webmail” client (Squirrel) with a new email client (RoundCube) that we are confident will meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re using IMAP for your email, you likely don’t need Webmail.

Note, when composing a new message, should you wish to use the new HTML interface, look to the bottom right corner of the dialogue box and choose HTML. There are lots of improvements so poke around and have fun!

The only thing that may be a small inconvenience is that you’ll need to recreate your Webmail signature file. When you first login, you’ll see your inbox of emails (assuming you’re using IMAP or are keeping emails on the server). On the upper right you’ll see a Settings icon (next to Logout). Click that. Then click Identities. Click on your email address on the left, then the Signature Tab. Configure your preferred signature there.

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