Google Wants to Know. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

webeze-mobi-googleIs Mobile Traffic Important to Your Business?

There’s quite a buzz about the new Google Mobile Search algorithm that is scheduled to launch April 21st. In a nutshell, when someone uses their mobile phone to perform a Google search, only websites that are Mobile Friendly will appear in the search results.

If capturing Google traffic to your website from mobile users is important to you and your business, I encourage you to read on.

What is Mobile Friendly? It’s typically a pared down version of your existing WordPress website, displaying only the most necessary information such as Location, Services, and basic Contact functions including “Click to Call” and “Click to Email.” And a link to view your full site. This simple page lets people access your key information without having to scan through numerous pages present in your current website.

Is My WordPress Site Mobile Friendly or Mobile Responsive?

Another term sometimes confused with Mobile Friendly is Mobile Responsive. A Mobile Responsive site will automatically change the content that is displayed based on the device the website is being viewed on as well as the orientation.

  • If your WordPress website was built by Webeze within the last year (March 2014-2015), in all likelihood your website is responsive. This means that every page of your website (most likely), will be deemed by Google as Mobile Friendly.
  • If your WordPress website was built before March of 2014, in all likelihood, your website is NOT Mobile Friendly nor Mobile Responsive. We can add a plugin to your WordPress website that will make the home page only Mobile Friendly. The normal cost for this is $180 and we are discounting to $90 for clients who retain us between March 26th and April 10th.
  • If you have a static HTML website (non-WordPress) built by Webeze, your website is NOT Mobile Friendly nor Mobile Responsive.

Why Should I Care?

Check your analytics. If a large percentage of your traffic comes from mobile phones, you can’t afford to ignore these changes. For example, we found that 11% of the traffic to web-eze.com comes from mobile phones. While we do have the plugin installed on our website that will display a Mobile Friendly result for users landing on the home page, all other pages of our website won’t appear in the mobile results. So we’re planning to do a redesign of our website so that it is both Mobile Friendly and Mobile Responsive (yes, we want both).

If most of your search traffic comes from desktop PCs, laptops or tablets, you may not need to be concerned with these new developments. But, if you can capture at least a small amount of traffic by having a Mobile Friendly home page, I would give that some thought and consider our 50% discounted offer above.

So, What Are the Next Steps?

  1. Test your website using the Google Mobile Friendly Tool: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/
  2. You can test our website, too, to see how a home page Mobile Friendly website looks* (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/?url=web-eze.com)
  3. Is Google mobile traffic important to your business beyond the home page being indexed? If so, it might be more cost-effective to consider a redesign than trying to recode your existing website – especially if your website was built 3 or more years ago. Call us. Let’s talk.
  4. Do you want at a minimum your home page to be shown in the Google Mobile results? Contact us to schedule this service.
  5. Are you confident your business can continue status quo with your WordPress website the way it is (and yes, that’s certainly possible). Then don’t do anything; but do keep this in mind should your business goals change.
  6. Is your website responsive? Awesome! If you’d like a Mobile Friendly custom home page too, just let us know.
  7. Do you have a static HTML website by Webeze? Yikes. That must be a pretty old website. It’s time to upgrade to WordPress. All NEW websites we create are automatically Mobile Friendly/Responsive!

*When you perform a search in the Google Mobile Friendly toolbar, the result may look different than what people will actually see. What is important is that you get the “Awesome, Your Site is Mobile Friendly” kudos from Google.

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