WordPress Training Video

wp-training-vid-webeze20 Minute Quick Start Video

We’re pleased to announce a new WordPress training video we released this morning.  For those that want to jump in to the basics of editing their WordPress website, this is a great way to kick things off.  In just 20 short minutes you will learn:

  • How to login to your site (if you have a custom login URL you’ll use that instead)
  • How to access the pages of your site
  • Adding and removing content from a page
  • Adding and removing a hyperlink from a page
  • Creating a new blog post including uploading an…

XSS Vulnerability – Your Webeze Site is Safe

Zero Day XSS Vulnerability Discovered in WordPress

There’s a good chance the subject line in this post and the title above mean absolutely nothing to you.  And that is perfectly all right.

But this news riveted the WordPress community yesterday, causing many site owners to scramble to put in a “fix” before any possible damage could be done to their sites due to this vulnerability.

If you have a WordPress that is maintained by Webeze, you can be assured we took immediate action by turning off the ability for anyone to comment on your blog.  Shortly after we…

Thinking of Using a Stock Image as a Logo?

Ignorance is Not Always Bliss When Faced with Copyright Infringement

copyright-logo-nonoI purchase stock photos most every day. I use them to build websites, photo galleries and to insert into blog posts for both my own site and my clients. There are a ton of different stock photo sites to choose from, but almost all forbid you from using a stock photo for the purpose of a logo. Depending on the license you purchased, which most often is for a single seat, you (and ONLY you/your company) can use this image in an unlimited fashion. The restrictions are usually that if…

Google Wants to Know. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

webeze-mobi-googleIs Mobile Traffic Important to Your Business?

There’s quite a buzz about the new Google Mobile Search algorithm that is scheduled to launch April 21st. In a nutshell, when someone uses their mobile phone to perform a Google search, only websites that are Mobile Friendly will appear in the search results.

If capturing Google traffic to your website from mobile users is important to you and your business, I encourage you to read on.

What is Mobile Friendly? It’s typically a pared down version of your existing WordPress website, displaying only the most necessary information such as…

News Flash – Update Your Flash

hacking-flashAbout a month ago Forbes announced that it’s site was hacked through a vulnerability found in Flash.  The hack (zero day) would unleash it’s wrath (virus, etc.) to unsuspecting visitors of the site.  Keep in mind, this was not just limited to Forbes. Adobe issued a fix but many people were affected beforehand.

Now another vulnerability has been detected in the Flash Player.  Be sure you are running the latest, secure, version, which is

Wonder how soon Flash will be just a flash in the pan?

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