How to Share Your Listings on Facebook

If you are an Arizona Realtor with active listings in the ARMLS, it only makes sense to spread the word to as many places as possible, including Facebook, to promote your listings.  There are a number of ways to do this, so let’s cover a few of them them here.

Our first tip comes from Echo Farrell, Broker of Farrell Fine Homes.  Here she explains how you can share your listings using the portal system that is provided by the ARMLS:

house-love-armlsTip One: Posting Your Listing through the ARMLS Portal

  1. You first will have to add yourself as a contact.
  2. Once you added yourself as a contact, you will need to turn on a portal, and attach your listing in question to your contact.
  3. Once you have done all this you will log into your portal click on the listing and then click the share button in the upper right of the screen.
  4. If you find yourself needing further assistance please feel free to contact the ARMLS help desk at 480-303-7020

Tip Two: Sharing Your Listing through an IDX Link

If you have an IDX service on your website (and if you don’t, you really should), a very simple way to post your listings is to share the unique link for the specific homes for sale, the same way you would share any other link in Facebook.

  1. Find the listing
  2. Copy the URL (you may want to use a URL shortening service but it shouldn’t really matter).
  3. Paste into a new “Status” and add any additional comments.
  4. Change the heading and text that by default comes from the page itself.  Upload a picture if you like, too, or use the default picture (typically your logo).
  5. An even quicker way is simply to click the “Share This” button on the live listing page itself.  You will still need to edit the default text.

Tip Three: Make a Post (Blog) About It!

Why not fully utilize your website and blog about your new listings and other real estate related activity.  There are quite a few plugins out there that auto post your blogs to Facebook (and Twitter) for you, with some advance set up.  But, if you don’t have such a plugin, just create your post, and then follow the steps from above (except you won’t need to edit the default text, since it comes from whatever you entered into your post.

  1. Create the post with a short but intriguing headline
  2. Upload a picture
  3. Include a link to the full listing in your IDX service (if you don’t know how to create a hyperlink, check with your web developer).
  4. Publish the post.
  5. If you have an auto post plugin, it will be active on Facebook as soon as you scheduled it.
  6. Otherwise, go to the live post on your site, copy and paste into a new post on your site.
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