When is the Best Time to Send an Email

Best time to send an an emailOur clients often ask us what is the best day and time to send out an email blast. We reply with a resounding “it depends!” Helpful, no?

Email marketing is still as important as ever, whether you use it to simply stay in touch with your customer base (your best source of referrals) or have a large subscriber base to which you send out news and information to keep them interested in your company (good lead source).

So, how do you know if your message is being read and when? The obvious answer is metrics. Email marketing tools such as Constant Contact and MailChimp provide reporting tools that let you know if your email was opened (and by whom), what links were clicked, etc.  You also are notified of any bounced emails, so you can update your database. A high bounce rate is a red flag to some email marketing providers that your list may not be a “clean” as it should be.

You also need to know, to the extent possible, who you are sending emails to. If your customer base is all located in the United States, you know approximately what time of day to send email blasts (or at least can set a baseline). As a rule of thumb, emails delivered on or around the lunch hour have a good open rate. In days gone by, it was also recommended that emails be sent Tuesday through Thursday, with the mindset that people’s in-boxes were too full as it were on Monday and people were ready for the weekend on Friday, thus you’d have a lower chance of your email being read on these two days. While we still loosely hold to this theory, we have seen many successful email campaigns that were sent out on a Friday morning.

So, the real answer is. It depends! It depends on your database, the timeliness or urgency of your message, your subject line, etc. Watch your metrics to get a good handle on the best time for YOU to send YOUR email blasts. And don’t forget to complement your email marketing blasts with your Social Media Marketing efforts.

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