How do you handle copyright infringement?

copyright-infringement-graphicI was checking our website statistics this morning and see all kinds of traffic from China, France, Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.  We get plenty of traffic from the States, too, but I always find it rather fascinating we get so much international traffic.  Of course, much of this traffic is likely from wanna-be-hackers (though we’ve reduced that dramatically by implementing a series of plugins that has cut down bot attacks by 99%). 

These visitors are also prone to scraping our content, which I suppose I should take as a sign of flattery?  Not so much.  I send out the requisite cease and desist copyright infringement emails, but most of the time these are ignored.  Fortunately, our original content comes up first in the search engine results.  A rare few do give us attribution, which we appreciate.  How do you handle copyright infringement?

When I find my content has been copied, the first thing I do is: [fill in the blank]

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