Getting the Most Out of Your IDX Service

…It’s So Much More Than a Search Tool

idxIt’s common knowledge that any serious real estate agent must have a professional website and that website must have an IDX.

From Wikipedia, an Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a real estate property search site which allows the public to conduct searches of approved Multiple Listing Service properties in a certain area.”

There are many IDX providers but we prefer IDX Broker as it’s a very robust tool and integrates nicely into WordPress websites, which we specialize in.  While we can get basic IDX features up and running for our Realtor clients, the onus is upon them to learn how the IDX system works and what advanced features exist and how to implement them.

The first thing I suggest to our Realtor clients is for them to register as a new user within their IDX so they can experience first hand what their users experience.  This way they can see what kind of emails are being sent (and if they don’t like how they look or read, they can login and edit these) and the frequency of these.  In addition, on the Realtor side, they can see how this information is tracked within their own IDX portal (lead captures) plus glean as much information they can on their users to help them become a customer and ultimately buy a home through the Realtor.  After all, that’s the whole purpose – getting leads and converting them into sales.

Then it’s time for the Realtor to really dig in to learn all the nuances of the IDX tool and put them to good use.  These might include:

  • Creating a custom “Hot Link”
  • Creating custom slide shows and listing pages
  • Customize the advanced search fields
  • Create custom pages for clients
  • So much more!

A great place to start learning is watching some of the training videos they have posted on YouTube.  You’ll find a series of videos on IDX Platinum, which also cover the Lite version.  IDX Broker also hosts a series of Webinars that Realtors can attend.  Check out their current schedule here and they have a great Knowledge Base as well.  Last, if the Realtor has ANY questions, a quick call to their support line (800) 421-9668 will get them on their way.

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