Installing Outlook Stationery on Your PC

Quick Tips for Installing Your Outlook Stationery

We’ve created these easy steps for you to follow so that you can start using your custom Outlook HTML stationery right away on your Personal Computer (PC). The following instructions pertain to a PC only. If you have a MAC, be sure you know (or know someone) how to install before placing your order. Stationery orders/payments are non-refundable.

Before you begin, be sure you have handy the files we sent you which consisted of an HTML file (note for Vista/Windows 7 it MUST be have an .html extension) and some image files (usually…

Inserting an Outlook for MAC Signature

signature-outlook-macI don’t currently own a MAC, but I do love my iPhone and iPad. However, several of my past PC clients have now migrated to MACs and want to know how they can integrate their old Outlook HTML stationery onto their MAC. The answer is, you can’t. At least not in the way you used to on your PC.

But, with the help of my clients and some trial and error, we’ve found a few ways to achieve this.

First, let’s talk about adding a simple graphical signature and logo to your MAC signature file. These two images should first…

When is the Best Time to Send an Email

Best time to send an an emailOur clients often ask us what is the best day and time to send out an email blast. We reply with a resounding “it depends!” Helpful, no?

Email marketing is still as important as ever, whether you use it to simply stay in touch with your customer base (your best source of referrals) or have a large subscriber base to which you send out news and information to keep them interested in your company (good lead source).

So, how do you know if your message is being read and when? The obvious answer is metrics. Email marketing tools such as…

Is NSI Blocking Your Emails

Help!  My Emails are being blocked by NSI

block-email-12270258_smOccasionally we receive a notice from a client that their emails are getting bounced or blocked.  Our first response is to have them forward the email and error message to us so we can research further.  Many times an email is blocked due to the size (some servers reject files over a certain size) and other factors.

In the case of Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI), they have a very strong spam filtering system so even the most innocuous email might get flagged as spam (this is not to…

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