Customized E-Vites

Customized & Personalized E-Vites


Our long time customer Nearon Enterprises treats their staff and customers to a yearly Oakland A’s ballgame.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with them to create the e-invitation which includes:

  • Custom design by Lisa Bianchi Design
  • HTML/Outlook stationery
  • Customized RSVP pages
  • Automated and personalized HTML (and plain text) confirmations
  • Write the RSVP confirmations to a database
  • HTML/Outlook stationery itinerary

The entire process is very streamlined and considerably cheaper than printing invitations, postage and follow up efforts.

If your next event could benefit from a similar effort, give us a call!  We’re ready to play ball!

Mobile Email Etiquette

Yes, Please.  Mobile Email Etiquette Matters.

mobile-email-etiquetteWith people using mobile mail more and more to communicate with their customers, it’s easy to excuse some common etiquette and grammar mistakes. Or is it?

Personally, I strive to ensure every communication I send from my phone includes the following:

  • A personal greeting (Hello, John)
  • A message that has been carefully proofread (invest that extra 30 seconds)
  • My digital signature which includes website address (not everyone knows who you are)
  • My office phone number (so they can easily call you rather than look for your contact info)
  • A message that the email…

Creating an Admin User in Windows 8

windows8-scI recently upgraded to a Windows 8 PC.  I read and heard that people really did not care for the new interface but I have to say I really like it.  Super intuitive, at least for me!

But one thing that was NOT intuitive was how to create an Administrator login.  Out of the box, you are prompted to set up an account, but not prompted to make this new user an Administrator.  If you want to access the Programs File directory, install custom Outlook stationery, etc., you have to be logged in as an Administrator.…

New Webmail Client Launched

roundcube-scEffective February 12, we have replaced the old “Webmail” client (Squirrel) with a new email client (RoundCube) that we are confident will meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re using IMAP for your email, you likely don’t need Webmail.

Note, when composing a new message, should you wish to use the new HTML interface, look to the bottom right corner of the dialogue box and choose HTML. There are lots of improvements so poke around and have fun!

The only thing that may be a small inconvenience is that you’ll need to recreate your Webmail signature file. When you first…

Private Domain Registration

private-registration-domain-scrapersIs the Extra Cost for Privacy Worth It?

I recently secured a few domains names for a new client (created a new account and put in her name).  I did use my own email address for the contact record on file, just as a temporary measure.

Within 48 hours I received three solicitation emails offering web design services for the new domain(s) I had procured.  The emails promised way too much (5 page website and hosting) for way too little ($150)  A little research and all of these companies were sketchy at best.  A…

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