10 Tips to Help Get Your Emails Opened

If your company is doing any kind of email marketing (and if you don’t, why not?), make sure you follow these basic steps to help improve your open rate plus a few other tips:

  1. 10-tips-open-email-imageYou can control the display name in most email clients. Be sure it’s a name people are familiar with. Keep it professional. It’s OK to use upper and lower case for this purpose.
  2. Along with the display name, the email address associated with the account will be displayed. Again, make sure this is something that will instill trust and make the person want to open the email. If you are using a third party mail service, these can be hard to obfuscate. Consider a self-hosted mailing program such as Sendy (we have this on our list to try but at first glance it does look good and very affordable compared to other providers).
  3. Choose your subject line carefully and keep it relatively short. You can personalize these as well, which can increase the open rate.
  4. This varies too, but most email programs will show a preview snippet (aka pre header) of the message. Outlook seems to pick up the first bit of code that is in the HTML, so you may want to put a small little snippet of text on top of the image else the preview message will be http://www.domain.com/images/new-24-hour-sale-top.jpg which probably isn’t going to instill a lot of interest vs. 24 Hour Sale on All Top Brands.
  5. Not everyone can or wants to read HTML email for a variety of reasons, from bandwidth, security and user-friendliness. Consider using a multi-part email client so that a plain text version will be delivered to those who prefer not to receive HTML.
  6. Remind people how they got on your mailing list (and be sure they have a way to get off).
  7. Track it. If your sending one-off emails from your own in box, it probably doesn’t make sense to track the open rates and if an email bounces, you typically receive a message as to why so you can remedy. Otherwise, a third party program will offer tracking which is critical to your campaign success. It’s also the easiest way to manage unsubscribes.
  8. And speaking of unsubscribes, be sure to honor these requests (if not already an automated process). A personal pet peeve of mine is being told by a BIG company that it will take 5-7 days to remove my name from their database. It should take 2 seconds in reality.
  9. Spell check. Need I say more? And don’t forget to use proper grammar and punctuation as well. People get really riled up when they see the wrong use of the word their (there or they’re), just to name one of the many goofs that can happen when your (ha ha — you’re) typing away!
  10. Here’s a tip I use for one-off emails. Don’t put the email address of who the email is going to until AFTER you have composed your message. That will give you one last chance to proof it, AND make sure you have the correct recipient, before you hit the send button.
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