Is NSI Blocking Your Emails

Help!  My Emails are being blocked by NSI

block-email-12270258_smOccasionally we receive a notice from a client that their emails are getting bounced or blocked.  Our first response is to have them forward the email and error message to us so we can research further.  Many times an email is blocked due to the size (some servers reject files over a certain size) and other factors.

In the case of Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI), they have a very strong spam filtering system so even the most innocuous email might get flagged as spam (this is not to be confused with being blocked or blacklisted).  Thus, this disconcerting message is returned to the sender:  554 5.7.1 The message from (you@domain.com) with the subject of (Email Subject Line) matches a profile the Internet community may consider spam. Please revise your message before resending.

While the fix is relatively easy, it is unfortunate our clients have to ask their client to jump through these hoops so that they can communicate consistently. Nevertheless, here are the steps:

  1. Login to webmail
  2. Go to Configuration
  3. Go to Safe List/Block Administration
  4. Click Safe list and enter email or domain (and likewise, click Block list and do the same if that is the intent).
  5. Note, if client uses webmail to read their email, they can mark an email as spam and it will go to the Blacklist automatically. In that case, the sender (you) would receive a different email message than the one above. So, you (your email) and your IP address or NOT being blocked…it’s the content, per NSI
  6. You’ll need to repeat this for each email account you have with NSI.

You can view complete instructions from NSI by clicking here.

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