Mobile Email Etiquette

Yes, Please.  Mobile Email Etiquette Matters.

mobile-email-etiquetteWith people using mobile mail more and more to communicate with their customers, it’s easy to excuse some common etiquette and grammar mistakes. Or is it?

Personally, I strive to ensure every communication I send from my phone includes the following:

  • A personal greeting (Hello, John)
  • A message that has been carefully proofread (invest that extra 30 seconds)
  • My digital signature which includes website address (not everyone knows who you are)
  • My office phone number (so they can easily call you rather than look for your contact info)
  • A message that the email is being sent from my mobile phone (it helps explain the brevity of the message, if necessary)

I can’t tell you how many emails I get that include cute little blurbs such as “typos courtesy of my phone” or “sent from my iPhone, please excuse typos.” Those can be funny for the right audience, but for business communications, I’d say lose it. To me it screams you’re not worth the time to ensure my message is grammatically correct.

Last, and again, this is mostly for me, I refrain from texting my clients. Sure, if they text me first I will quickly respond. Other than that, I prefer email for these communications where there is less likelihood to make errors and really, it’s just more professional.

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