Basic Email Etiquette – Use the BCC Field

Yesterday I and about 100+ other people received an email from an unknown sender (she’d scraped our names from a database); our email addresses were clearly visible in the CC field.  It’s pretty SOP that when sending a large email, to protect your database and your contact’s privacy, you use the BCC field and send the email to yourself. 

In turn, several of the responders did a reply ALL and said remove me from this list.  One person even went to the extent to write “please do not use the reply ALL” feature when responding to this message; but THEY did this themselves.  This flaming went on throughout the day and my email in-box became further cluttered.  The original sender finally sent an email apologizing and asked everyone to cease the “flaming.”  If only she had enough sense to, on this go around, use the BCC field.

As a reminder, 1] use the BCC field to protect your database and your contact’s privacy;  2] if you are the recipient of an email where your address is exposed and you’d rather it not be, let the sender know (in a private email, not a Reply ALL); 3] if you by accident expose a large list of recipients in an email (sometimes its intentional and that’s fine as long as everyone “knows” each other), send a quick apology (use the BCC field this time) and promise you value their privacy and will never do this again.

It’s basic but important email etiquette.

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