When Does Your Domain Name Expire?

If You Don’t Know the Answer, It’s Time to Check

domain-expired-webezeIn our 15+ years of being in the web development business, I’m sorry to report that I’ve seen more than a few incidents where a client has inadvertently let their domain name expire.  When your domain name expires, your web site is no longer live.  Ugh.  Your email also will no longer work.  Double ugh.  And if you don’t renew within the “grace period,” some unscrupulous person or company can buy your highly valued domain name for a few bucks.  You get the point.…

SEO for Realtors

Finding and Using the Right Keywords in Your Blog Posts

real-estate-seoThe good people over at Placester have given us permission to share some of their valuable information with our Realtor clients.  Today we are providing a 60+page  e-book entitled “The Real Estate Marketing Guide to Keyword Research – How To Do Effective Research for Keywords You Can Win.”  This is a FREE download and I encourage you to take the time to read it and then implement what you have learned as you write your daily, weekly or monthly blog posts.

And even if you are NOT…

Mobile Email Etiquette

Yes, Please.  Mobile Email Etiquette Matters.

mobile-email-etiquetteWith people using mobile mail more and more to communicate with their customers, it’s easy to excuse some common etiquette and grammar mistakes. Or is it?

Personally, I strive to ensure every communication I send from my phone includes the following:

  • A personal greeting (Hello, John)
  • A message that has been carefully proofread (invest that extra 30 seconds)
  • My digital signature which includes website address (not everyone knows who you are)
  • My office phone number (so they can easily call you rather than look for your contact info)
  • A message that the email…

XSS Vulnerability – Your Webeze Site is Safe

Zero Day XSS Vulnerability Discovered in WordPress

There’s a good chance the subject line in this post and the title above mean absolutely nothing to you.  And that is perfectly all right.

But this news riveted the WordPress community yesterday, causing many site owners to scramble to put in a “fix” before any possible damage could be done to their sites due to this vulnerability.

If you have a WordPress that is maintained by Webeze, you can be assured we took immediate action by turning off the ability for anyone to comment on your blog.  Shortly after we…

Thinking of Using a Stock Image as a Logo?

Ignorance is Not Always Bliss When Faced with Copyright Infringement

copyright-logo-nonoI purchase stock photos most every day. I use them to build websites, photo galleries and to insert into blog posts for both my own site and my clients. There are a ton of different stock photo sites to choose from, but almost all forbid you from using a stock photo for the purpose of a logo. Depending on the license you purchased, which most often is for a single seat, you (and ONLY you/your company) can use this image in an unlimited fashion. The restrictions are usually that if…

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