Stringing You Along…

I’ve played the guitar on and off since I was about 16 years old.  My first guitar I received as a Christmas gift — best present ever!  I happily gave this to one of our friends when my then brother-in-law then passed along to me his Ephiphone, which I’ve had ever since.  Recently, my husband got me a Yamaha guitar, which is a bit smaller than my Ephiphone, so I’ve been enjoying getting back in the guitar swing of things!  But, I’ve learned some bad habits over the years and thought some lessons were in order.…

Keeping your Blog Topical

Keeping your blog topicalThe great thing about blogging is that there is no end to the topics that you can write about. 

However, staying on top of your market and keeping things fresh and relevant are a good idea, too.  So, as you’re listening to the radio, watching the evening news or following your social networking sites, keep your ears and eyes peeled for news that would interest your readers.

Another helpful (and free) source for current news is Google Alerts.  There is a similar paid source called Giga Alert.  Both will email you when topical…

Are you the master of your domain?

I’ve heard the stories all too often and witnessed the effects.  A site owner unwittingly lets their domain name expire only to find out the hard way — their website is no longer live and their email is no longer working.  The first reaction is typically to call us and ask if the server is down (in reality, a call to the host would be much more efficient).  A quick check and we can deduce the server is up and running.  The next thing we do is check the whois database for an expiration. …

Personal Computer (PC) Shortcuts

Universal Shortcuts for Your Personal Computer

Personal Computer Short CutsBeing that I’m on the computer so much, anything I can do to save a few key strokes is always of interest.  For years the standard shortcuts have existed, yet I’m still surprised to this day that they are not commonly known.  Many people still use the “right click” to bring up the short cut menu (again, we’re talking about PC’s here), but that’s just another step.

So today I’ll share with you the most common and useful shortcuts you can use to save time and carpel tunnel:

Control (Ctrl) + C…

I’m Banking on it

iphone-imageOne of the main reasons why I switched banks was for the convenience of using my iPhone to make deposits.  I mean how cool is it that you can take a picture of a check and — voila! — you’ve just made a deposit.  Think of the money you have saved by driving to the bank not to mention time and energy (especially in the dog days of an Arizona summer)!

Alas, with every convenience there always seems to be a couple of downsides.  For me, they are:

  1. Deposit limits.  Now, I’m no Rockefeller, but a…
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