Exceeded All of our Expectations

ces-logo-testimonialOur company needed a website to establish our organization as credible and professional. A website is a critical tool for a growing business looking to expand.

Our primary objective of the website was to increase awareness of our company and the products we represent as we plan to use the website as a marketing tool to increase sales with existing and new customers.

We highly recommend working with Webeze for any business that desires to increase their online presence. From the initial website planning phase to our site launch, Webeze gave our company confidence that they would exceed our expectations.…

Totally Professional

ater-sc-testiWe were looking for developing a new website using the latest technology as our previous site had been developed with the no longer supported 2003 FrontPage software. We also wanted to have a site that we could do our own regular updates, additions and changes without requiring the help of a web master. Having worked with Webeze in my past profession, I contacted Kelley to see if there was an interest in helping my wife and I with our personal side-business.

As usual, Kelley was totally professional and we worked out a deal that fulfilled all of our requirements. She…

Let’s Go Wayyyy Back!

The Internet Archive is a Blast from the Past

Hmemory-lane-internet-archiveave you heard of the Way Back Machine from the Internet Archives? Well, if you’re in the mood for some nostalgia, head on over and enter your website’s URL. There you will see a history of how your website has changed (hopefully for the better) over the years. The URL does have to be active/live, or no history can be displayed.

Beyond a bit of nostalgia, this can be a good resource if you needed to see some old content on your site or even to snoop on your competitors!…

Private Domain Registration

private-registration-domain-scrapersIs the Extra Cost for Privacy Worth It?

I recently secured a few domains names for a new client (created a new account and put in her name).  I did use my own email address for the contact record on file, just as a temporary measure.

Within 48 hours I received three solicitation emails offering web design services for the new domain(s) I had procured.  The emails promised way too much (5 page website and hosting) for way too little ($150)  A little research and all of these companies were sketchy at best.  A…

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To Attach or Not Attach, That is the Question

By default, when you upload or insert an image into a page/post in your WordPress Dashboard, the image is linked to the full-size image you uploaded and then you have the option of what size image you wish displayed in the post.  See example below.


The problem with this is if the image is clicked, it opens the larger image in a new window and there is not an intuitive way to exit the screen (you have to hit your back button to return to the page/post).

If you have…

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