Google Wants to Know. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

webeze-mobi-googleIs Mobile Traffic Important to Your Business?

There’s quite a buzz about the new Google Mobile Search algorithm that is scheduled to launch April 21st. In a nutshell, when someone uses their mobile phone to perform a Google search, only websites that are Mobile Friendly will appear in the search results.

If capturing Google traffic to your website from mobile users is important to you and your business, I encourage you to read on.

What is Mobile Friendly? It’s typically a pared down version of your existing WordPress website, displaying only the most necessary information such as…

News Flash – Update Your Flash

hacking-flashAbout a month ago Forbes announced that it’s site was hacked through a vulnerability found in Flash.  The hack (zero day) would unleash it’s wrath (virus, etc.) to unsuspecting visitors of the site.  Keep in mind, this was not just limited to Forbes. Adobe issued a fix but many people were affected beforehand.

Now another vulnerability has been detected in the Flash Player.  Be sure you are running the latest, secure, version, which is

Wonder how soon Flash will be just a flash in the pan?

Creating an Admin User in Windows 8

windows8-scI recently upgraded to a Windows 8 PC.  I read and heard that people really did not care for the new interface but I have to say I really like it.  Super intuitive, at least for me!

But one thing that was NOT intuitive was how to create an Administrator login.  Out of the box, you are prompted to set up an account, but not prompted to make this new user an Administrator.  If you want to access the Programs File directory, install custom Outlook stationery, etc., you have to be logged in as an Administrator.…

New Webmail Client Launched

roundcube-scEffective February 12, we have replaced the old “Webmail” client (Squirrel) with a new email client (RoundCube) that we are confident will meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re using IMAP for your email, you likely don’t need Webmail.

Note, when composing a new message, should you wish to use the new HTML interface, look to the bottom right corner of the dialogue box and choose HTML. There are lots of improvements so poke around and have fun!

The only thing that may be a small inconvenience is that you’ll need to recreate your Webmail signature file. When you first…

Happy Birthday Webeze


We Turned Sweet 16!

To say time has flown by would be an understatement — but here we are celebrating our 16th year of business this month!

Of course, our success can only be attributed to all of the wonderful clients we have worked with over the years — many have stuck with us from inception, and we’re grateful for that, too!

A heartfelt thanks to everyone that has been part of our success these past 16 years and here’s to 16 more!


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