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wpg-cover-2012We know that creating a brand new website or even revamping an existing one can be a daunting experience — heck, it took us nearly two years to redo our own!  Now, we promise it won’t take two years for your site, we just had more important business, like helping our clients grow theirs.

Over the years we have learned that key questions need to be addressed before a design can even be started, and thus we created our Website Planning Guide.  This is a complimentary download and is in fillable PDF format.  We let everyone know,…

Everything was done very efficiently and professionally

I contacted Webeze to create Outlook stationery for my email. I am using the stationery for special communications with my client base. I found working with Webeze was very, very, good. I found the patience exhibited with numerous changes and rewrites was outstanding. Everything was done very efficiently and professionally. I found the on-line instructions to be excellent. They were thorough and easly to follow. Well done!

I will use Webeze again to design other custom pieces. I found their price structure for customization for my Outlook Stationery to be very affordable. I wish I had done it sooner. Very…

Working with Webeze was very easy

ebookMy previous website was homemade – and looked like it. It wasn’t attracting new customers. I need a new site that would appeal to my visitors so that they would be compelled to buy my e-book “Your Personal Wedding Planner.”

Working with Webeze was very easy. Kelley is very knowledgeable. She is interested in my needs and knows how to accomplish them. This was the best investment I have made in my business. Thank you Kelley!

Jo Anna Zaffree
Weddings by the Book

Flash Installer Virus

A friend of mine called for help the other day because after she updated her Flash application, her computer was taken over.  I’d heard of this virus earlier but did not know how to fix at the time.  But, searching the Internet brought up this video, so I thought I’d share with you:

In his video he also mentions the HitManPro software.  I’ve included a link to it as well, should you wish to purchase (a 30 day free evaluation if offered).

A small bit of advice for you.  Whenever updating software, go the source site…

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