How do you handle copyright infringement?

copyright-infringement-graphicI was checking our website statistics this morning and see all kinds of traffic from China, France, Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.  We get plenty of traffic from the States, too, but I always find it rather fascinating we get so much international traffic.  Of course, much of this traffic is likely from wanna-be-hackers (though we’ve reduced that dramatically by implementing a series of plugins that has cut down bot attacks by 99%). 

These visitors are also prone to scraping our content, which I suppose I should take as a sign of flattery?  Not…

10 Tips to Help Get Your Emails Opened

If your company is doing any kind of email marketing (and if you don’t, why not?), make sure you follow these basic steps to help improve your open rate plus a few other tips:

  1. 10-tips-open-email-imageYou can control the display name in most email clients. Be sure it’s a name people are familiar with. Keep it professional. It’s OK to use upper and lower case for this purpose.
  2. Along with the display name, the email address associated with the account will be displayed. Again, make sure this is something that will instill trust and make the person want to open the…

Basic Email Etiquette – Use the BCC Field

Yesterday I and about 100+ other people received an email from an unknown sender (she’d scraped our names from a database); our email addresses were clearly visible in the CC field.  It’s pretty SOP that when sending a large email, to protect your database and your contact’s privacy, you use the BCC field and send the email to yourself. 

In turn, several of the responders did a reply ALL and said remove me from this list.  One person even went to the extent to write “please do not use the reply ALL” feature when responding to…

Venturing into an unchartered territory

While I have been successful in marketing my services through word-of-mouth referrals, I knew it was time to have a more substantial vehicle in which to compete with other professional organizers in my community.

My primary objective in having a new website was to highlight what services I can provide as a professional organizer and how my experience and background can help my clients achieve their goals in a stress-free, non-intimidating, and non-judgmental manner with solutions-oriented results.

My overall experience with working with Webeze was excellent. My fear of venturing into an unchartered territory was quickly put to rest…

Is the customer really always right?

Remember the expression “The customer is always right.”  I know the intent behind the phrase was to emphasize the need to listen to our customers and respond appropriately to all comments, requests, etc. 

But in reality, our customers are NOT always right and the best service we can offer is to educate them — not placate them.  This is the approach we take with our customers.

What is your approach? 

Our approach to clients that are misinformed is to: [fill in the blank]

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