Customized E-Vites

Customized & Personalized E-Vites


Our long time customer Nearon Enterprises treats their staff and customers to a yearly Oakland A’s ballgame.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with them to create the e-invitation which includes:

  • Custom design by Lisa Bianchi Design
  • HTML/Outlook stationery
  • Customized RSVP pages
  • Automated and personalized HTML (and plain text) confirmations
  • Write the RSVP confirmations to a database
  • HTML/Outlook stationery itinerary

The entire process is very streamlined and considerably cheaper than printing invitations, postage and follow up efforts.

If your next event could benefit from a similar effort, give us a call!  We’re ready to play ball!

When Does Your Domain Name Expire?

If You Don’t Know the Answer, It’s Time to Check

domain-expired-webezeIn our 15+ years of being in the web development business, I’m sorry to report that I’ve seen more than a few incidents where a client has inadvertently let their domain name expire.  When your domain name expires, your web site is no longer live.  Ugh.  Your email also will no longer work.  Double ugh.  And if you don’t renew within the “grace period,” some unscrupulous person or company can buy your highly valued domain name for a few bucks.  You get the point.…

SEO for Realtors

Finding and Using the Right Keywords in Your Blog Posts

real-estate-seoThe good people over at Placester have given us permission to share some of their valuable information with our Realtor clients.  Today we are providing a 60+page  e-book entitled “The Real Estate Marketing Guide to Keyword Research – How To Do Effective Research for Keywords You Can Win.”  This is a FREE download and I encourage you to take the time to read it and then implement what you have learned as you write your daily, weekly or monthly blog posts.

And even if you are NOT…

Getting the Most Out of Your IDX Service

…It’s So Much More Than a Search Tool

idxIt’s common knowledge that any serious real estate agent must have a professional website and that website must have an IDX.

From Wikipedia, an Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a real estate property search site which allows the public to conduct searches of approved Multiple Listing Service properties in a certain area.”

There are many IDX providers but we prefer IDX Broker as it’s a very robust tool and integrates nicely into WordPress websites, which we specialize in.  While we can get basic IDX features up and…

The Dreaded Black Box of FireFox

Do Embedded YouTube Videos on Your Site Show a Black Box?

This anomaly happened to us yesterday and we were quite perplexed by it.  A quick search of the net and lo and behold this issue dealing with graphics hardware acceleration has been  around since early 2010.  You’d think it would have been fixed by now.  We did find a “fix” and here it is:

Disable graphics hardware acceleration by performing these steps:

  • Click the menu button and select Options.
  • In the Firefox Options window, click the Advanced tab, then select General.
  • In the settings…
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